What Happens?


What Happens?


Mats for the Homeless

This mat was weaved and designed by hand using plastic bags. The designer is one of our women Veterans. She observed how the homeless were sleeping on the ground or blankets. These mats are placed directly on the ground and a blanket can be placed on top. This keeps the blanket or covering dry. Thank you RM

Making the Transition

Many women Veterans who are discharged do so without any problems. For other women, the time has come to push for change in reintegration and readjustment support as women transition to civilian life. Report findings and recommendations cover the broad range of transition needs of women veterans such as culture change, health care, military sexual trauma, social support, disability, legal, compensation, domestic violence, family and community, education, transition assistance, employment, and housing.

For women who do find themselves challenged by the transition, we are here. With individualized assistance women can redefine their lives, and increase their standard of living. Every step is dedicated to encouraging these outstanding women.

  • After leaving military service, female veterans may have fewer resources than their civilian counterparts to prevent the onset of homelessness.

  • They are less likely to be married and have children.

  • They may have disrupted social ties to family or other social support.

  • Their military training may not have prepared them for well-paying civilian jobs.

  • Disability, unemployment, and/or poor physical and mental health can increase the risk for homelessness.

With assistance, female Veterans can redefine their lives, and be empowered to increase their standard of living and make positive change.  


WCIC Programs


WCIC Programs


The Women’s Center at Indigo Consortium (WCIC) works collaboratively to foster the educational and personal development of women. With programs that change as the need arises, workshops are presented that engage women through a variety of topics.

Are you interested in attending one or more of the programs listed below?  Please be sure to register!

The Legal Project

Medical care and benefits are not automatically provided to our veterans from the U.S. Government, so we work with legal aid, area law schools and the bar association to provide legal assistance to Veterans. This resource includes providing information on identifying and responding to domestic violence, child support, alimony and various other concerns.

Bridge to Benefits 

This program ensures that women Veterans are aware of their benefits they have earned through their military service. Once these benefits are identified (based on the individual) obtaining access to them are next steps.  Guidance and advocacy is provided in obtaining benefits and services, this includes how to apply and explaining the process.

Employment Assistance  

Women Veterans can perform any job handed to them and perform it well. Sometimes they have more trouble finding employment after service than male veterans. We partner with employment agencies whose main focus is veteran employment. Time is taken to discuss transferable skills, interviewing techniques, networking, and updating the resume.

Community Clinical Nutrition Management Program  

The Bull City Veteran Support Network and the Wounded Heart Corporation, coordinate the services of our licensed nutritionist to work with Veterans with information and resources for a healthier lifestyle.

Financial Literacy Program

This program will build on your good habits, discuss strategies for improvement, and allow you to practice what you learned. The hands-on sessions will move you towards a positive financial goal.  A series of nine financial literacy classes are held, that include budgeting, credit concerns, retirement, student loans, and housing.

Women Veterans for Wellness

Designed to develop, structure, and actively support her health and wellness. Through this program and community partners, women move towards an improved quality of life.

My Time

This is an activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, that a women veteran choses. We discuss what would bring her happiness in learning or perhaps something she has done in the past and would like to resume doing. This is pursued for her immediate joy and relaxation.